Cadenza Legacy Society

The Society acknowledges patrons who have made a legacy gift committment to San Francisco Performances. Gifts of all sizes are welcome and ensure that our unique repertoire is sustained for future generations.

We honor Society members through:

  • Recognition in the program and on the San Francisco Performances’ website
  • Invitation to a Cadenza Legacy Society event
  • Invitations to other exclusive San Francisco Performances events

THANK YOU to these Cadenza Legacy Society members who are leaving a legacy gift to San Francisco Performances:

  • Audrey Avis Aasen-Hull* and James Byrne Hull*
  • Anthony J. Alfidi
  • David and Judith Preves Anderson
  • M.L. Baird, in memory of Travis and Marion Baird
  • Frank S. Bayley
  • Carole B. Berg*
  • Ellen M. Bermingham
  • Susan S. Blake
  • William M. Burke*
  • Martin and Kathleen Cohn
  • James T. Concannon*
  • Leonie J. Darwin*
  • Steven A.R. Edwards
  • Philip M. Eisenberg*
  • Robert H. Enslow*
  • Ruth A. Felt
  • John H. Frykman and Cheryl C. Arnold
  • Doris W. Grau*
  • Judith E. Harding
  • Hunter P. Harris
  • Elizabeth A. Jacobs
  • Christian Jessen
  • Gloria S. Kaplan
  • Marian Kohlstedt
  • Charles C. Kredensor and Frederic S. Saunders
  • Marcia Lowell Leonhardt
  • Terry McKelvey and Heli Roiha
  • Berit Muh
  • Jane Roos Le Roux
  • Gerald B. Rosenstein*
  • Bob and Terri Ryan
  • Debra R. Schoenberg
  • The Harold E. Segelstad Trust
  • James and Connie Shapiro
  • James R. and Mai N. Shields
  • Camilla Smith
  • Gussie Stewart
  • Dr. Dennis C. Turner*
  • Maxine Wallace*
  • Gerda L. Wodlinger*
  • Dr. Lovelle Yano and Mr. Philip Simon
  • Anonymous (6)
  • *deceased

As of October 1, 2018

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