School Programs

Since 1989, San Francisco Performances has taken a unique and intimate approach to arts education in the schools. In small, hands-on programs, our internationally acclaimed resident artists work directly with students and teachers in public schools around the Bay Area to enhance understanding and appreciation of the arts. The scope of these residencies reflects our commitment to making the arts an essential part of everyone’s life by: allowing young people of all backgrounds to experience the joys and excitement of great music and dance; helping to keep arts education accessible to all students; and supporting the professional development of emerging artists and educators. Furthermore, these resident artists’ consistent presence in the Bay Area over the four-year course of their residency gives both students and educators the opportunity to form a close bond with the artists.

Music & Culture

Students of all ages explore the rich influence of Bay Area jazz under the guidance of pianist Alfredo Rodriguez’s Music & Culture program.

Performance Poetry

Older students can look forward to Performance Poetry, where bass-baritone Dashon Burton provides many points of entry into the study and composition of poetry and song.

Guitar Trek

Guitarist Jason Vieaux introduces students to the diversity of cultures whose musical heritage has embraced this most versatile of instruments in the Guitar Trek program.

The Story of the String Quartet

The Alexander String Quartet, in joint residence with San Francisco State University since 1989, shows students how music can be a powerful voice for cultural expression through The Story of the String Quartet.

2023–24 Residencies

Dashon Burton
Ulysses Owens Jr.
Jason Vieaux
Alexander String Quartet
Robert Greenberg

Contact Info

Yuri Cho
Education and Artist Residency Coordinator
(415) 678-5899