Saturday Morning Series

Music as a Mirror of Our World:
Chamber Music at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Bring the arts into your weekend in a new way. Join our friendly crowd on Saturdays at 10am for a lively lecture and concert. These morning matinees offer a fulfilling arts experience and then let you get on with all your other weekend activities. When dinner and a concert doesn’t fit your schedule, this option for a concert and a brunch may be just the thing.

This 5-concert Saturday Mornings Series starts the soundtrack to your San Francisco weekend before the fog burns off, before the ’to-do list’ gets too long, and just in time for brunch. Plus, with a morning start time, traffic and parking are always easy.

These programs look back 100 years to the tumultuous social and political era of the early 20th century—times not unlike our own—and explore enduring works of the great music it produced. Works by Debussy, Ravel, Webern, Schoenberg, Sibelius, Bartók, Elgar, and Vaughan Williams will be featured.