Board of Trustees
Melanie Smith President
Patrick R. McCabe Chair
Thomas G. Beischer Vice Chair
Robert Dell Vice Chair
Neil H. O’Donnell Secretary
Amanda L. Nelson Treasurer
Ruth A. Felt Founder & President Emeritus
Frank S. Bayley  
Ellen Bermingham  
Richard L. Caplin, M.D.  
Laurence M. Corash, M.D.  
Joyce Mobley Corrigan  
Christine E. Cullens  
Roswitha Goeppert-Woolley  
Neil A. Goteiner  
George Hecksher  
Joan C. Kahr  
Roger D. Miles  
Berit Muh  
Martin Quinn  
LaVerne C. Silverman  
Camilla Smith  
Natalie Wade  


Paul A. Bissinger Jr.  
Gerald B. Rosenstein (in memoriam)
Jane Roos Le Roux  
Michael Sack
André Watts  
Past Chairs
Ruth A. Felt 1979–1984
Mary C. Falvey 1984–1991
Amy McCombs 1991–1994
Cliff Orent 1994–1996
LaVerne C. Silverman 1996–1999
Victor L. Hymes 1999–2001
Gussie Stewart 2001–2005
Frank S. Bayley 2005–2008
Fred M. Levin 2008–2010
Judith Harding 2010–2013
Melanie Smith President
Christian A. Jessen Chief Finance and Administration Officer
Nancy Bertossa Director of Communications
Michele Casau Director of Development
Christine Lim Director of Artistic Administration and Education
Phil Setchfield Director of Marketing Operations
Emma Lundberg Development Manager
Jerome Moskowitz Institutional Grants Manager
Amanda Alef Education and Production Associate
Kyle Brisby Executive Assistant
Lexi Greenberg Development Assistant
Jorena de Pedro Marketing and Ticketing Assistant
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLC Legal Counsel
Cobalt 2 Web Development and Design
Patty-Ann Farrell Technical Director