Dreamers’ Circus

Dreamers’ Circus


Friday, April 23, 2021 | 7:30pm

Herbst TheatreVenue InformationSan Francisco


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A new, driving force in Nordic music, Dreamers’ Circus takes off from deep folk traditions with ancient and modern instruments giving voice to a newly forged amalgamation of history and sound.


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Late one night in 2009 Nikolaj Busk pushed open the door of a bar in Copenhagen and chanced upon fiddle player Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen and cittern player, Ale Carr, playing some traditional tunes. Spotting a piano in the corner of the room Nikolaj joined the pair. Within minutes it was clear that there was an instant musical chemistry happening. Since that first meeting Dreamers’ Circus has toured widely, performing not just in their native Scandinavia but also throughout Europe and in Japan, Australia and North America.

The members of the trio have various musical backgrounds but what unites them is an interest in and love for folk and traditional music. Rune grew up in a household where traditional dance and music was enjoyed but he also studied classical music and to this day plays as a member of world-class chamber music ensemble, The Danish String Quartet. Nikolaj Busk’s background in jazz is evident in his fluid and melodic playing while Ale Carr is from a family of well-known traditional musicians and teachers in his native southern Sweden and his rhythmic drive forms the backbone of the band.

The music of Dreamers’ Circus defies instant classification. It’s a music that transcends genres and seeks to unlock imaginations and create small and big stories that form images in our mind. Think of the vivid colours we associate from childhood memories of the Circus. Remember the magic on entering the tent as a child. The sensory overload…the magic we felt. This is music that allows us all to dream and takes us to wondrous places each time we listen.

Whether playing with symphony orchestras or rocking the Roskilde Festival or joining The Chieftains onstage in Japan, Dreamers’ Circus have enjoyed numerous career highlights as they celebrate ten years together as a band. Over those ten years they’ve undertaken some memorable theatre work collaborating with the Danish String Quartet to arrange and perform the music of famed Danish twentieth century composer, Carl Nielsen in an acclaimed production. Among the many other artists Dreamers’ Circus have worked together with are Väsen (S), Sharon Shannon (IRL), Aoife O’Donovan (US), Sarah Jarosz (US), Sara Watkins (US), Copenhagen Phil, Oh Land, Sofia Karlsson (S), Ale Möller (S), Søren Huss, Selene Muñoz, Rostam Mirlashari (Bal), Folkeklubben, Shaka Loveless, LAU (UK), Hugo Rasmussen, Kristian Leth, DR Pigekoret, Rishab Prasanna (IN) and the Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus (PO).

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