Virtuosi Series

Virtuoso. The word immediately conjures an image of supreme mastery and the highest caliber performer. However, virtuosi are much more than accomplished technicians and talented interpreters. They embody ability, understanding, passion and the almost mystical gift of inspiring deep emotional connection and response from an audience. Read more…

Their skill often blurs the boundaries between performer and creator and lifts interpretation to the level of powerfully direct communication. They can reveal to audiences the universal and personal nature of a composer’s intentions. The programs chosen by this season’s artists focus on virtuoso composers past and present, and dance with musical ideas that speak across history.

Leila Josefowicz will perform a contrasting program ranging from darkly lyrical works by Sibelius and Prokofiev to John Adams’ Road Movies, full of groove and swing.

Violinist Regina Carter and her ensemble present an evening-long tribute to music made famous by the great lady of American song and swing, Ella Fitzgerald. Carter’s own arrangements of iconic works performed by Ella will range from love ballads to bebop.

“Ella Fitzgerald effortlessly crossed musical boundaries throughout her career. Her audacious and joyous interpretation of the American songbook and beyond continues to inspire me. Whenever I hear an Ella recording it grabs me at my core. I’m entranced by her voice, her melodic improvisations and the passion and artfulness with which she sings a song. She helps me understand a song by providing a window to its essence. In a word, Ella is sublime…” —Regina Carter

Clarinetist Jörg Widmann will perform his own works, which are often inspired by and quote from classical and Romantic composers, plus works by Mendelssohn, Schumann and Weber. Emmanuel Pahud explores works originally written for other instruments, highlighting how the flute can bring out new facets of familiar music. Show less…


You can create a Make-Your-Own-Series by choosing four or more performances from our entire season. Make-Your-Own Series are not available online—please call (415) 677-0325.