Family Matinees FAQ

Are my children too young…or too old?

The Family Matinees are designed to introduce children to the joy of live music and dance. Children who probably get the most out of these performances are between ages five and ten, but no one is too young or old to enjoy some of the world’s greatest artists performing center stage, just for you! And kids of any age can enjoy the performances and conversations, so grandparents and relatives are also welcome!

When should we arrive and where do we sit?

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the concert to get settled and to select your seats. Seating is general admission, meaning you can select your seats based on a first-come, first-served basis. If your child can’t see or you change your mind about where to sit, you may certainly move.

What if my child gets restless during the concert?

If a child is restless or needs to use the restroom, feel free to exit the performance at any time for the venue’s lobby or even outdoors if need be—and return when ready.

Will my children have a chance to participate?

All of the Family Matinees end with a 10–15 minute period, during which audience members will have a chance to ask questions of the artists on stage.

How long are the concerts?

The Family Matinees are designed to last one hour without intermission. The first 45–50 minutes is devoted to music or dance and the remaining 10–15 minutes allows the audience to ask questions and interact with the artists.

Where do the performances take place?

Family Matinees are held in intimate venues around San Francisco: Herbst Theater, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF Conservatory of Music Concert Hall, etc. Please see the concert listing for details on venues.

Do we need to dress up for the concerts?

These performances are designed to be informal and comfortable. Children and adults alike can dress in casual, everyday clothes.

What about parking?

Most of the venues are have plenty of street parking and garages nearby. For more information on parking, check the venue listings on this website.