Philip Glass at 75

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Philip Glass

SF Performances celebrates the 75th birthday of American composer Philip Glass, who has had an unprecedented impact on the music and art of our time.


Philip Glass at 75: La Belle et la Bête
La Belle et la Bête
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Screening of Jean Cocteau’s film with live performance by the Philip Glass Ensemble

Thursday, May 23, 8pm
Friday, May 24, 8pm
Saturday, May 25, 8pm
Lam Research Theater at YBCA (Formerly Novellus Theater)
Premium $65/$50/$40

Jean Cocteau’s neo-romantic film La Belle et la Bête broke cinematic ground when it premiered in 1946. Its allegorical story, poetically evocative script and stunning visual effects established the work as a masterpiece of mid-century filmmaking. Philip Glass achieved a master stroke with his score for the film, bringing it to arresting new life for new generations of film-goers and music lovers.

Don't miss a post-performance Q&A with Philip Glass at select concerts. Details to be announced.

Philip Glass at 75: Koyaanisqatsi
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Screening of Godfrey Reggio’s film with live performance by the Philip Glass Ensemble

Sunday, May 26, 7pm
Davies Symphony Hall
Premium $65/$60/$55/$50/$45/$40

Philip Glass’ score for Godfrey Reggio’s documentary parable about “life out of balance” swings gloriously from dizzying to contemplative; to experience it live is a profoundly moving event. Koyaanisqatsi was so powerful and instantly iconic when it premiered thirty years ago, that it radically changed the visual and musical faces of film, music, television and advertising. The music carries “such a sense of momentum that there were times when it felt as though the music were moving the images and that the film was a living organism.” –Los Angeles Times